Sunday, May 31, 2009

Take me to Morocco

Yesterday was very enjoyable. I went to a friend's who I haven't seen for a long time, where we did craft projects, took a nice walk, and watched movies. It was an all-day/all-night affair, and I didn't go to the salsa club! Her guy made the most delicious Moroccan chicken with breasts off the bone, olive oil, beets, acorn and butternut squashes, parsnips, apricots, and fennel bulbs (reserved the fronds for the top.) It was to die for! IIt was like restaurant food, but better because it was at home. He is a whiz in the kitchen.

One of the movies we watched was Being John Malkovich, another wild ride. This seems to be the weekend for absurd movies.

Tonight, a few hours with other friends, and I'll get back early enough to have a proper sleep. (My sleeping patterns have left much to be desired recently.) Also, the dude and I have been playing phone tag. I'm it!


Paula Light said...

Sounds fab! Winter squash is one of my fave noms. I bet I'd love that dish. Very fun -- and bonus about the dude. Good going. :)

The Clever Cat said...

I forgot to say, I also had one of those No Pudge brownies, mint flavor. My taste buds were satisfied this weekend after all! :^)

The Clever Cat said...

Also, I bought the Gobstoppers and we three enjoyed them whilst crafting.