Friday, May 30, 2008

Skinny Bitch

"Perhaps you have a lumpy ass because you are preserving your fat cells with diet soda."

I can't get this sentence out of my head. It's from Skinny Bitch, a book by a couple of former models and it is tough love, baby! A friend brought it to work and I read a few pages (am going to buy it for whenever I need a kick in the butt) that will certainly change my outlook... in addition to urging readers to eat more soy (ok!) and no meat (no go ladies, this girl needs a steak every now and then), they also mention many valid issues with chemicals in food and food packaging, and how it can screw up your body functions and basically make people miserable. It's hard-core. The sentence above is regarding formaldehyde. Yuck!

Thursday, May 29, 2008


I also went to the closest Lego store with my friend at her request. (I should mention at this point that I am 35 years old, haha. Not all of my interests lay with toys, although my favorite toy is for adults only.) We perused the boxes and then I caught sight of the Gigantic and Lovely Wall O' Lego. Did you know they make clear ones??? I broke down and picked a (small!) bucket of clear, black, red, and white pieces for just $7. Totally worth it!

Guitar Heroine!

Or should I say, guitar heroin? A college friend spent Memorial Day weekend with me and I convinced her to bring her Wii. I should mention that a few friends of My Boyfriend (MB in the future) have Guitar Hero for Wii or Rock Band for PS2 and I play it whenever I can and I have a great time doing so. Easy level guitar in the past, but I'm just about past medium and working my way to hard. Easy level drums... I haven't played those in months and I wonder what they're like on medium level... aaaanyway, I played Guitar Hero for hours on end while she sat, reading. I enjoyed it so much she mentioned to MB that he should buy me one when holiday time rolls around. I would in fact prefer a proposal, but that's just me.

When she left, I wanted to play so badly that I actually thought about buying the Wii, plus the Wii Fit (since a coworker said they are sooo much fun) and Guitar Hero, and by the way they are coming out with Rock Band for the Wii, and this add-on and that special item and blah blah blah and this and that. I spent close to $600 dream-shopping. I certainly don't have that kind of money! But I really really wanted a guitar fix. MB said, "What about the PC game" since he is very rational. I looked, and $60 for the game seemed reasonable until I researched more and found that PC game requires a ridiculous amount of memory and RAM and a fancy video card and a thousand other things. And there is still lag, which would suck for a rhythm game. So I looked again, and found... Frets on Fire! A free clone of Guitar Hero. And I checked Craigslist and bought a cheap, used PS2 guitar for $25 since I was not about to use the keyboard as a guitar. I drove just one town over and when I got there, the kid I bought it from was all of like, eleven years old. I downloaded the driver from Microsoft and I was off! I've played at least 15 songs nightly for the past 4 and I'm having a blast, but the guitar has been, umm... well-loved. It squeaks and clicks, and in fact is also way too short. (It's the one from the first Guitar Hero game I think, the red one.) The 17" neck is causing me wrist pain... and I don't exactly have monkey arms. My friend's Les Paul was so very comfortable. Solution: new guitar! I'm working on it...

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Tonight I was cleaning out a few closets, trying to get rid of a bunch of old stuff in order to pare down the clutter, when I realized I have about a thousand hangers. Where did they all come from? I distinctly remember, about 2 months ago, dumping any remaining metal ones along with some cheap, about-to-break, dollar-store white plastic ones, as well as an entire Trader Joe's bag full of more plastics in curious, 70's-style colors: dusky blue, dark brown, a purple shade that didn't know what it was: it seemed to ask itself, "Am I violet? Am I pansy? Dare I be... Palatinate?" I have not bought more since. Are they breeding?

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Hungry? Girl? Hungry Girl!

My latest obsession is Hungry Girl. Lisa Lillien has come up with some awesome recipes to get through any kind of food desires... and still remain slim (or lose weight, as in my case). Her website is the best for great recipes that don't all focus on canned pumpkin or squash, and they all have clever names. Eggs Bene-Chick, anyone? Lord of the Onion Rings? She also just released a book entitled Hungry Girl: Recipes and Survival Strategies for Guilt-Free Eating in the Real World. Yum-yum! I recommend!