Friday, May 29, 2009

Flying to the top

Ahh, New England.

There are two days until June. This is the third day in a row of dark, dreary, rainy, misty, 50 degree weather during the day. At night it's been dropping to the forties. Sunday it was in the nineties. Today the supposed high will be 72 (yeah, right.) This weather is beating me down. But the greens of the trees are fabulous!

And how’s this for a happy ending to Mother Nature’s whims? Two weeks ago, it was so hot that the lilac flowers died right on the row of enormous bushes outside my office. Then came the cold. Unexpectedly, a few new buds sprouted today, right through the dead flowers, presumably as a result of the rain. Also, I saw a brave little bird struggling to fly with waterlogged feathers… and fly it did, to the top of the greenest of the trees. I like that little bird…

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