Wednesday, February 17, 2016

I miss my face

Well, I'm not any closer to getting back on the bean now than I was at last posting. But I have 5k races coming up! So I really can't do them well while lugging around an extra 30 pounds.

30? Yes, 30. Fully half of what I had lost. I miss my face and especially my ass, which was really getting quite good. :(

So. I'm taking a staycation next week and will reevaluate my eating, begin tracking on the government Supertracker, and start one of those couch-to-5k thingies. Have I mentioned that running a mile is something I've always wanted to do? Well, it is. And I will have a new bra (which will help immensely) and a new attitude, which is really the most important piece of this puzzle. I'll keep you posted.