Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Breaking the code

Uh oh! Niecey broke the K'vod Code!

Yeah, I didn't know what it was, either. Apparently, the K'vod Code is some kind of honor code/respect code that the kids follow at the day school she attends.

Here's what happened. Yesterday she and two boys had some free time at recess, and they decided to play "throw the rock." Well, she threw the rock, and managed to accidentally hit one of the boys in his head. (Leave it to a boy to jump in front of a rock.) He went to the nurse for some ice, while she got a demerit and a phone call home. She had to write an apology (Dear So-and-so, I'm sorry I hit you in the head with a rock. Get well soon.) Also, her tv time was taken away for the rest of the week. She totally forgot about it, and when my sister said "No, you are not allowed to watch tv until Friday," she said, "Wait, what'd I do again?"

Although my sister didn't grill my niece on exactly what game was being played ("catch the rock", "throw the rock for distance", "dodge the rock") she did assume that Niece most likely threw the rock with greater velocity than the boys anticipated, since they probably were not aware that she plays catch with her dad often. She actually has a pretty good arm.

We can call this one "Adventures with Boys, Episode 1." Actually, Episode 2 -- Episode 1 had to do with "boyfriend" number one. "But mom, he just won't stop being my boyfriend!" "Sweetie, you can stop being girlfriend and boyfriend whenever you want. Hmm. Let's get your Auntie on the phone..."

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