Glossary and List of Characters

Barbie: The be-all, end-all of dolls. The most poised, always lovely, delightfully dressed fantasy chickadee. We girls can do anything, right Barbie?

Blog Cabin: J and P’s getaway cabin, and blog! The blog currently lays dormant, but like others fun projects will eventually regain life.

Butch: Littermate to Twinkie. The galumphing galoot who can get himself in trouble by just looking around. Big Moose to Twinkie’s Dilton. The Big Handsome with a cute goatee (cattee?). Missing his bro, he meows nightly and it is simply heartbreaking. Sigh.

CC: Me, The Clever Cat.

J and P: Lovebirds and two of my closest friends.


Neph: Nephew

Sister: My sister (duh).

Twinkie: Littermate to Butch. My little snorker. The chatty cat who would wash Butchie’s face for him. My fluffernutter with the cutest chin. The smart one. The Pretty Little. The original clever cat, now eating as much seafood as he can stomach in the Great Kitchen in the Sky as of 6/29/15. Miss you bunches, Twinks…

Vitamin N: I work with this close friend, and she has the best, most soothing voice. I could listen to her all day… oh wait, I do. ;)

NOTE: List subject to change.

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