Thursday, May 21, 2009

All right. Now we're in play!

So speed-date dude called me again last night, ahead of my expected schedule. He made a point of telling me he was calling before he ate dinner, but after the gym. All righty then. Works for me!

Half an hour of banter and I complimented him on his voice, but still forgot to grab his real (e.g. non-speed-date) email. I called him back an hour later, and I think he was somewhat surprised. What if something funny happens that I need to share with him!? He agreed. And so begin the interesting, more flirty emails. Can he write? I love this part.

Some other happenings:
  • My favorite bras have recently been leaving bruisies on my shoulders. Not comfy, and also not pretty.
  • Still no state tax return check. Dang.
  • I received an email from some guy in Arizona and another guy in Israel. As if they even fit my criteria. I wouldn’t go to Israel even if I won a free trip!
  • High of 91 degrees today. Bleh.
  • Salsa class tonight. Yeah baby!
  • It's a good hair day, and I'm receiving compliments on my green shirt. I like it too.
  • Just 1.5 days until another long weekend. YAY!

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