Friday, January 30, 2009

My armor

Without which I would feel unprotected.

My eight-hole black Docs that I got in '96 at the London store with my sister
The "30 points of light" white gold and diamond ring my parents gave me for my 30th birthday
Long-wearing lipstick, preferably brown
Daring, curiosity, bravery, charm, and a sense of self-worth
A good bra (nothing pointy)
A mirror (for reflection. A compact will do.)
My smile
Some kind of writing stick

In the adventure that is my life, these items increase my armor class, and they never lose their potency. I don't have any wands or amulets yet, but I'll let you know when I get one… (Yes, I have been playing NetHack. Why do you ask?)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

5 things that annoy me

  1. Constant phlegmy-sounding car-starter throat sounds from coworkers. If you're sick, go home! At the very least, excuse yourself, cough it up, spit it out, and get on with work.
  2. Scuffling from people who can walk properly. You have legs. Use them!
  3. Shoes that flip up mucky stuff onto the back of my calves. If I wanted polka-dot pants, I would buy them.
  4. When someone pronounces the "p" in Comptroller, particularly when they emphasize the first syllable. As far as I'm concerned, it's wrong. And the OED agrees with me. So there.
  5. Finding out that the chocolate chip cookies I bought are really chocolate-flavored chip cookies. If they're not chocolate chips, they may as well be raisins. I certainly won't spend my time eating fake chocolate...

Speed dating

So I was supposed to attend a speed dating "party" last night with a friend, but the weather was blustery and conditions were too poor for driving into Boston. We didn't go. I had emailed the company two days ahead, even called the bar yesterday to ask if it was still on despite the weather. But no response! No emails yet saying it's been rescheduled, either. Too bad, because I had been looking forward to it. Oh well. But as I told my friend, "It gives us another month to look even better..."

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Stalking Cat

Remember "Red Light, Green Light, 1, 2, 3"? This cat is a master!

A place of my own

Which brings me to another tasty tidbit of that article. My own rental units will no longer be renting their rental unit! (real-estate-edly speaking.) I will be buying the adorable, convenient, decorated-almost-perfectly condo where I reside, at some point in the not-so-distant future. I haven't owned a home in over seven years, and this is an important step in my my self-sufficiency/growing-up/having-something-left-if-God-forbid-I-were-to-for-some-reason-kick-the-bucket-tomorrow process. I'm all done living like a kid! No way can this all happen before my birthday next month, but I'm finally on my way to being a property owner again. Ahh. (And yes, my nails are bitten to the quick, and I am sweating just a tiny tad as I write this...)

Parentals and breeders and 'rents, oh my!

Today I couldn't stop missing my sister (and her two kids, with whom I will be spending time in February, woo hoo! Her hubby will be away at a conference), so I popped over to (to avoid work and find something to giggle with her about later: The 33 Most Ridiculous Toys of All Time -- I like #s 17 and 11) where I also found an article by Mark Peters about how best to refer to people who have created other people (without using the pedestrian, stodgy, standalone, two-syllable "parent".) Hey, I'll be one eventually... why not start the learning process now?

So I got to thinking -- if the term "parental units" gave birth to "maternal unit" and "paternal unit", what would be the proper way to refer to two mommies? The way I figure it, "marentals" would be the way to go. (I figured this out after magically being unable to speak the word "maternal", after three tries. I guess it will take me some time to get out of the baby shower mentality.) However, I'm unable to think of a word to refer to two daddies. Can you? I thought of "darentals", but that just sounds, well, stupid...

Monday, January 26, 2009


Pet peeve #62: when ex-boyfriends or ex-dates continue checking you out online after it's clear you are no longer seeing each other. Yuck!

I just logged in to JDate to see what was doing, and went straight to the list of men who had viewed me, when I came across... WF! Or should I say, WTF!? He viewed me a week ago. Ew. I'll say this just once. After I go out with a man, and it's done, and we are no longer dating (no matter how casually), they do not have the right to look and re-look and look again at my profile. Sure, I'm beautiful (snort), but that's still no excuse. It's just plain icky. They're all up in my personal space!

Another JDate guy I went out with years ago did that too. We went on one semi-awful date, he asked me out again, and I said ok to confirm it really was that bad. A few days later he emailed me to break the date, after waxing poetic about how he had a good time. I was actually kind of amazed that he had broken a date with me... that rarely happens. So good, all done; neither of us enjoyed ourselves; we matched! But then he kept viewing my profile, over and over and over, like some freakazoid. The creepiest part was that he had set up more than one profile and was looking at me with all of them. And his spelling and grammar were so poor that it was clear they were all of the same person. Plus, in those profiles he basically complained about how he's always being taken advantage of and how much dating in general sucks. I don't know about you, but doesn't he sound irresistible? Not.

Anyway, I'm sure many women feel the same way as I do about this. Men, please don't be that guy...

That's what little girls are made of

Sorry for the delay in posting. Last week was really busy, in part because of baby shower prep, in part due to life in general.

But! The shower was on Saturday, and it was a success. The baby is a girl, the theme was sugar and spice, and the colors were pink and white. This is a picture of the diaper cake I made. I used 168 diapers. What was I thinking!? A word of advice: if you make one of these, it's perfectly acceptable to stop at three layers. This could not fit on a cake plate, or a large deli tray. I had to use large foam board from the craft store and strap it into the back seat because it wouldn't fit in the hatchback.

A mutual friend provided the venue, which was perfect since this house is bee-yoo-tee-ful. The counters alone make me salivate. (Jealous much? Who, me? Sigh... ) The games went as well as baby shower games with a bunch of strangers can be expected to go. The food was yums, thanks to another friend. All in all, a good time was had. MB was also there since he is of course part of the crowd, but that was ok too. Not fun, but not horrible. We are adults, after all. Setup did take longer than I expected, but cleanup wasn't too bad. It was definitely worth the work. Mazel tov, you two!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Goldenberg's Peanut Chews

Yet another thing I miss.

For years after I left New York, I couldn't find my old favorite-favorite, Goldenberg's Peanut Chews. Then I stumbled upon the small boxes and individual packs in a dollar store here in Massachusetts, and rejoiced. But the chews went the way of the dodo. I was so unhappy…

…until I found "Chew-Ets" Original Dark Peanut Chews. But they're not the same, and certainly not an improvement. Why?
  1. The chocolate tastes different and is thinner, especially around the corners, number one.
  2. Number two, they are MUCH softer out of the package. I liked that "difficult to chew" aspect of the old candies. You have to leave these out for a while to get the old chew factor back.
  3. Third up, the cheap-looking and poorly designed logo, and the colors chosen. Red and orange in a font that looks like it belongs in the 70's? Not so cute. The old-fashioned packaging was charming.
  4. Fourth, who names candies "Chew-ets?" It doesn't exactly roll off the tongue.
  5. Five is the statement on the back: "Continuing the Goldenberg's tradition. A favorite for over 87 years." If it's such a favorite, leave it the hell alone. Or give yourself no ties to it whatsoever.
  6. Finally and sixthly, I can still only find them at the dollar store! If you want me to buy the candy, make it easy for me!
Look, I really like the Just Born candies…. Mike and Ikes, Lemonheads, Teenie Beanies, even Peeps, when I'm in the mood. But this… this is a mockery of all things peanutilly chewy. I'm going on strike against Chew-ets! To Goldenberg's!


Obama inaugural cupcakes, looking as nice as Hillary does in blue. A coworker made these, and apparently no one wanted to eat them because they were too pretty.

Ok, that's long enough. I'm ready for change now! He better follow through...

Monday, January 19, 2009

Yum buns

Hey! I used to live here!

Ahh, downtown Flushing. Kind of a United Nations, food-wise, and just a quick straight ride down Kissena on the Q17 (or a longer, meandering walk). Part of me actually misses it! There is (was?) one particular place under the bridge where you could get the best steamed buns (red bean paste style). It was right by a filthy alley, but the buns were just so good! Next door, you could also pick up those Chinese slippers I posted about a while back. Now, I would have to travel to Chinatown in Boston on the silly baby electric trains they have here. Definitely not the same as grabbing something sweet on the way home from work. Or while shopping. Or any time at all...

*Posted with the author of's consent* It's abeautiful blog.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

More teas, please

Ahh, tea. Nothing relaxes like a hot cup in winter, a cool one in summer. And I have been really into teas lately. My current favorites are Tazo Sweet Orange and Tazo Zen. And Celestial Seasongs Sleepytime. And also Wissotsky Cherry. I love tea!

Twinkie the Cat also likes Sleepytime tea. He presses his little pink kitty nose up to the used tea bag, clothes his eyes, breathes in, and blisses out. It's pretty darn cute. And he's doing it right now...

Street cred

The c-nip? Yeah, I got it. See that trash can? Over there. Hey -- be cool...

funny pictures of cats with captions


So yesterday I read Incubus by Ann Arensberg. The storyline is that a farming town and its inhabitants suddenly go through a series of unusual happenings -- birth of deformed livestock, changed weather patterns, and the complete loss of sexual desire in men. What's happening? Why, it's an incubus, preying on the town's women. Interesting enough for a quick read... and a review.

On one hand, the writing was excellent and the descriptions were well thought out. In addition, the storytelling was almost musical; it was beautiful prose. On the other hand, I felt there were superfluous characters (I hate that.) On the third hand, I liked where it was set (Maine), and the story was darkly entertaining. It wasn't gory, but it was somewhat juicy.

Her writing reminds me of Shirley Jackson's -- calm, deliberate, and chilling; but I never got that spine-tingling thrill like at the end of Jackson's works. I was expecting a little more follow-through at the end.

But all in all, it was a good read. I give this book two wide eyes and a few dirty thoughts. Arensberg has also written two other books, and they will definitely be added to my list.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Craft Corner Deathmatch

Boy, do I miss that show.

Jason Jones, one of the funniest people I've ever seen on television, hosted this hilarious game show on the Style network a few years ago, but it was cancelled after I think one season. And there is hardly any information about the show on the entire Internet! Whuh huh? I would just love to find the episodes on DVD. I really liked Jason and Jocelyn Worrall, the Craft Lady of Steel.

The best I could come up with was this article from the New York Times and one from the the Village Voice (yet something else I miss.) Please ignore the humongous boobie-don'ts on the left.

I did find the following entry from the Urban Dictionary, an entertaining, albeit heavy-on-the-sex wiki-style dictionary that actually comes in handy from time to time.

What can I say? These are the things that pop into my head...

Friday, January 16, 2009

You winsome, you lose some

Oh my GOD. Idiot. I'm optimistic that Obama's counselors will have a better handle on the English language.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

A visit to the MFA

Last night I went to the Museum of Fine Art in Boston with friends (occasion: Wednesdays are free) where I saw some very old (from the 1600's) textiles from someone's stately English home. They were beautiful and in excellent condition. I learned about chintz and saw some remarkable metalwork, as well as gorgeous chinoiserie and jappanned objets d’art.

I also viewed a few photography exhibits, including one of Yousuf Karsh's work that included his famous portraits of Winston Churchill, Audrey Hepburn, and Albert Einstein. Then we went out to eat tasty brick oven pizza and enjoy even tastier chitchat. So much fun!

My stuff

So last weekend I picked up my stuff that MB brought to a mutual friend.

I say "stuff" -- but mean a hair dryer/styler, a cheap Ikea pillow, and a few toiletries. The only thing I really wanted back was the hair styler. In retrospect, I should have just told him to chuck everything else and just return that. But I guess I wasn't thinking. And you know something? It was so meaningless... when I saw my "stuff" I didn't even recognize it. Guess I'm over him. Next...?

Retinal scan complete

This could be Butchie! (complete with kitty-racts, poor blindish baby...)

funny pictures of cats with captions

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Eek, there’s a hair in my food

Generally, people who own pets or hang around them have been known to find a pet hair in their food from time to time. Usually, it’s not that big a deal. Remove it and eat your dinner. Sometimes I wake up with one in my eye or tickling my nose because Butchie decided to curl up in front of me.

I have even pulled cat hairs from my own hair on occasion. And I have probably ingested a few (hundred) in my life. Maybe I could try to cough up a hairball with Butch and Twinkie the next time they get around to it.

Anyway, last night while I was performing my ablutions, Twinkie jumped up and started his nighttime cooing and rolling on my bed, and ended up facing away from me. I noticed something hanging from his furry kitty butt. It was one of my long hairs! I gently pulled, thinking it would come out easily, but there was no end in sight. I finally just let it dangle about seven inches out of his bottom. It’ll work its way out. Poor little guy… this reminds me of when Max the Cat ate bakery string and my dad did the same thing as me. He pulled, and the string came out, and there was no internal damage – the only damage was to Max’s self-esteem when my dad came away with one and a half feet of previously white, cotton string. Hopefully I’ll find it in the litter box tonight; otherwise I’ll have to go on a hair hunt…

Monday, January 12, 2009

Pixel sand art!

Oh, wow. You must try this. It's another beautiful surprise! Using thissand you can create sand art on your computer... or a mandala... or anything at all... and they also have a lovely gallery. Enjoy!

Wii Beatlemania!

Omigod omigod omigod!
Harmonix is coming out with a Beatles game! For Wii! Omigod!

The game is expected to be available 4th quarter 2009, and it will be a standalone game for which you may use instruments from other rhythm games. According to the makers, the game will take us on a experiential journey from the Beatles' first album through the last album and will span samples of the whole catalog. Apparently, "this is the ultimate platform for new generations of fans to start their own love affair with the Beatles."

I'm sure I could even get my dad interested in this type of game (not so now, with Guitar Hero.)

Oh, baby! I am so getting this! Of course, we all have about a year to wait... but when it comes out, it is so mine! And I will totally teach my almost-three-year-old nephew to "play" the guitar and drums. This will be a bonding experience. I can't wait!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

The HTML cat

Along the lines of changing the format of a picture and geeky art, I found a tool that makes an image into .html code that you can cut and paste wherever. I made an image out of it, but the creator can generate the code using color, so that holds appeal for me. It' s named Text-Image.

Simply decide which characters you want the image to be created from (I used BUTCHIE, the cat's name); font size; image width in characters; background color; whether to show it in color, black and white, or grayscale; and a few more specs. Then convert the file! It's fun and satisfying. Have a good time!

The ASCII cat

This is pretty cool. I had to create a few steps to get it to .jpg format but if you want to convert a picture to an ASCII image, you can do it by going here. Photo2Text does all the work for you. Fun!

It outputs the file into .txt format, but I took a screenshot and cut the image to place here.

And then I linked to the site, for copyright reasons.

I figured I'd look around some more to see if there was a converter that could go directly to an image file. I didn't find anything good, although I supposed I didn't look as well as I could have...

Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Science of Risk

So I went to the Museum of Science today, where I saw a movie in the Imax Dome entitled "The Science of Risk" and a Laser Beatles presentation. Fun!

I was thinking about how cool it would be to jump out of an airplane (once) when my friend pointed out that there was not much "science" in the movie after all, and where was it? Her hubby very seriously explained the scientific method, claiming that was where science came into play. You know, pick a hypothesis and do an experiment, and gather the data necessary to prove it or refute it.

He had a point, but I was expecting some more science, too. In my opinion, the little bit of info they provided regarding endorphins was not enough. But the Imax Dome experience totally made up for the fake science.

As for the Beatles laser show, I found myself grinding my teeth several times. Too bad, because of course the music was great. My favorite laser patterns were for Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds (I really like that song, always have, always will) and Strawberry Fields Forever.

"No one, I think, is in my tree
I mean, it must be high or low
That is, you can't, you know, tune in, but its all right
That is, I think its not too bad..."

Personal DNA

Along the lines of quizzes, I took a Personal DNA test. This is a long one. And it's right on the money. It says I'm a Considerate Creator. And I really am!

Check out my personalDNA report. You can take the test without signing in, or sign in and post on Facebook. So fun!

What font are you?

What font are you? I am Comic Sans, like 9% of the people who took this silly quiz. (For some strange reason, I really heart these silly fake quizzes...)

Benjamin Button

I've just come back from seeing The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. It was great!

Cate Blanchett is enthralling and Brad Pitt is, well, Brad Pitt. Sigh. The chemistry between them was just right and almost all the characters were likable. I was able to relate to them all, for better or worse. Although some time periods were glossed over, it was not difficult to fill in the blanks. The movie was also somewhat long, but in my opinion it did not take away from the experience. Finally, it was tender and poignant, more so than I thought it would be... but thankfully not poignant enough that the audience was bawling their eyes out. It was the kind of movie that you'll remember pleasantly, later. Plus, the effects were judiciously placed. It was certainly worth the price of a ticket. I say, go see it!

Friday, January 9, 2009


This is pretty cool. Forvo is a new online learning tool that pronounces words for you, in languages you may never have heard spoken before. These include Bambara, Māori, Macedonian, and Zulu.

It's currently in beta, and you can do the pronouncing yourself if you so desire. Have fun!

Mystery noises from space

Sooooouuuuuds froooooooooom spaaaaaaaaaace!

It sounds like a joke, or at least like a B movie. But apparently noises are being heard from space, and no one knows what they are or where they come from.

Scientists are analyzing and have theories, but they "really don't know what it is." I say it's clusters of hard-shelled gas bubbles bumping into each other. Why not?

I've said it once, and I'll say it again -- "I'm a scientist, too..."


I've taken the plunge. That's right… I've joined Facebook! And it was all because of a comment on my Bananagrams post, from the makers of the game. Did you know they have an application on Facebook whereby you can play online? Who needs online social networking when you can play your newest favorite game alone?

War is war

Golda Meir (who I discussed in my Bat Mitzvah speech a long, long time ago -- 23 years ago, 2/3 of my life! Eep! -- and whose life continues to fascinate me throughout mine) said "Peace will come when the Arabs love their children more than they hate us." Did you know Hamas has a Facebook account, as well as pro-Israel hackers? War is war, be it underground or on the surface. Bloodshed is easy to notice, hard to forgive, and impossible to forget. It's all despicable. And now everyone's doing it!

I'm torn. Part of me says, "Jews blasting instead of peaceably discussing? Ignoring a cease-fire? Yuck! How embarrassing for us!" while part of me says, "WTF is up with Hamas? Cut it out! After years and years of persecuting us, you deserve everything you get."

It's hard to put things like this into perspective. Today I was reminded of the adage of a man who is walking alongside a river when he sees a child float by. Quickly jumping in, he rescues the child. A short while later he sees another child float downstream. He repeats his actions. This continues to happen until the man gets far enough upstream to determine who could possibly be throwing children into the river.

Do you know what happens in my version? The man who saved the children beat the crap out of the guy who was throwing them in…

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Wii Fit post #6

I am 23! I had the absolute best walking test today -- 50/50 balance! And then I had 3.5 seconds left over after doing the righty/lefty balance test. And so in spite of my ever-increasing BMI, today I am 23! And I did a big 10 minutes of hula hooping (at once. I am a calorie torcher in the 10-minute jobbie). Wowie zowie, I felt it in my back (in a good way) and so I did more yoga. I really like Wii Fit!

And now, on to Mario Kart!


Mark Peters rocks. This is his blog. I think I love him.

Yes. I love words, I love making up words, and I love Mark Peters...

Rat loves cat, cat tolerates rat

Hmm, this rat reminds me of a boyfriend or two, from back in the day...

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Yum... Milky Way

Apparently, the Milky Way is bigger than we thought:

"That difference means a lot, said study author Mark Reid of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge, MA. The slight 5'5", 140-pound astrophysicist said it's the cosmic equivalent of him suddenly bulking up to the size of a 6'3", 210-pound NFL linebacker."

I have no idea why he threw the "NFL linebacker" thing in there, unless it was to suggest that a scientist's brain is 15% bigger and has 50% more mass than a football player's...

But anyway, imagine if the Milky Way galaxy was a Milky Way candy bar! I wouldn't mind if they suddenly became 15% larger in breadth and 50% more dense.

But then again, I wouldn't mind if I were 140 pounds, either...

Lucky days ahead

Calling all Aquarians! Where's our luck this year? (This is long, so if you're not into astrology, don't bother. But my year will be so good I have to share it.)

It's a pleasure to tell you the next 12 months are glorious! That's because lucky moneybags Jupiter enters your sign on Jan. 5 and stays there until Jan. 19, 2010. This wonderful blessing of good fortune happens once every 12 years, which means you might experience this maybe five times in your adult life. (But each time the other planets are in different places so each Jupiter event is not the same.) This Jupiter influence attracts auspicious opportunities and favorable situations for you to use to your advantage. It also magnetizes important people to you -- people who can help you and open doors for you. (Some will even open cans.) (Good. I need that.)

This year your confidence and poise will increase. You won't hide your talents, you'll advertise them! Jupiter also denotes joy and wisdom; thus, you'll be happier this year and you'll learn more. ("Last night I dreamt I could only speak in a Fibonacci code.") In fact, Jupiter in Aquarius is the beginning of a major new cycle of growth and learning. As people and resources become more available to you, in turn, you'll explore new dimensions of your life simply because you can. Last but not least, Jupiter represents wealth and abundance. You can enrich your coffers! Need I say more?

Work: The curse of the drinking class

In a galaxy far, far away, around 1983-84 (I was ten), you were pleased with yourself. ("I'm too sexy for my shoes!") (I had an amazing pair of golden skippies! I loved those shoes.) It was a time of graduation (from elementary school), promotion, or marriage. Something you wanted very much finally came to fruition. (Plus you were popular.) (I was not popular. I was never popular. I lived on Poplar, though...) In the late '80s, you gave up things; this wasn't easy. Fortunately, the support of family and a solid home scene helped you through this challenging time. (Thankfully.)

By 1991-92, you stepped into a new sandbox (college). And that's when you started to create a new world for yourself. ("Your time has come to shine... all your dreams are on their way...) If you think back, that process took place all through the '90s. Since the turn of the millennium, you've been searching for meaning in your work. Plus more money. (I was laid off from a pretty high-paying job that was definitely meaningless.)

By 2005-06, some deserving recognition came your way. (I was hired where I currently work! And they love me!) Since then you've been determined to improve your status and your reputation in the world. (Yes!) Putting polish on your reputation this year will be a piece of cake because lucky Jupiter is in your sign all year.

Factoid. Jupiter will elevate your daily sense of joy plus your health will feel better. Joy and good health definitely help you work. A healthier, happier, more confident you will have more energy to explore new concepts and opportunities. You're ready for action! (Yeah, baby!) This year is a great time to initiate new projects and expand your activities. You'll enjoy studying anything that will benefit you and raise your consciousness. (I heart learning!)

Around 2010, travel and further training will prepare you even more for a career peak that begins in 2013. (I guess we'll see about that...) (Astrology makes a distinction between career and job. Your job is what you do to pay the bills. Your career is your life path--you might or might not get paid for it.) (Writing! Or art!) Your career peak begins in 2013-14, and this is your time of harvest. It's the culmination of wherever you've been putting your energy. That's why what you do this year matters so much. Since time is the stuff life is made of, use it wisely!

Home suite home

Home ownership is a dodgy issue. Sometimes you like to settle down. (The security appeals.) (Occasionally.) Nevertheless, your adventurous dreams will pull you away to an airport (grin on face, bag in hand) or a highway where you'll watch those telephone poles going by. You're a romantic nomad. (Get the T-shirt now!) Many of you moved around 1988-91 and you were footloose once again between 1996-99. (I moved three times.) Finally in 1999-2000, you had a chance to improve your home. (That was also a great time for real estate.) (I had the wood floors refinished. Hardly an improvement.) Job improvements around 2001-02 might have helped improve your home. This also happened around 2003-04. However, this time it was because others helped you through loans and mortgages. (Mom and Dad. I needed it!) Ka-ching!

In October this year, Mars moves opposite your sign where it stays for seven months (into 2010) creating increased tension with partners. (It's normal to undergo this every two years for seven weeks --but seven months?) (Uh oh!) Stay frosty! Beyond that wrinkle in time, it's a guarantee your family life and personal world will be happier in 2009. Your increased joy will radiate out, touching everyone around you. (A recent Harvard study has actually proved that happiness is contagious.) (Hey! I posted about this on 12/22!) Enjoy this year in your home suite home.

Spare change?

If you have money, you'll help your friends. (Yup.) And when you're broke, your friends generally help you. (Yup.) Some Aquarians settle down and get by on surprisingly little. (Yup!) Others keep moving to dodge "the posse" of creditors hunting them down. (Yup! And then they get out of debt. Phew!) One thing is certain: you're not like other signs. In fact, Aquarians aren't even like each other! (Yeah, yeah--you unique types are all the same.)

Increased money and goodies came to you more easily around 1998-99. And your finances were blessed in terms of real estate, mortgages and such in 2003-04. However, since 2007, your partner might have lost work. Or some other supportive situation suddenly dried up. (I broke up with someone who had lots of money to spend. Does that count? No, because he did not spend it on me.) This drought of support from others will be over by next year, perhaps late in the year for some. But in 2009, with lucky Jupiter sailing through your sign, many opportunities and important people will surround you! You'll have the choice of how and where to act. Some of you will translate these opportunities into more cash and more disposable income. After all, it's your lucky year!

Does anyone love me?

This year Jupiter is in your sign all year and Mars is opposite your sign for the last three months. Mars rules aggression and ego. When it opposes you, try to avoid unnecessary conflicts. Be patient and ready to compromise to avoid needless headaches with someone close to you. Jupiter is quite another thing! It makes you happy, jovial, expansive, warm-hearted and generous. Naturally, this attracts people to you. Everyone wants to see your face. Basically, you have a maahvellous, popular, happy year ahead!

My sex life (fictitious or otherwise)

You've got the sex thang going. You're a hottie! (Yes. Yes, I am.) You're sexually experimental. (Yes. Yes, I am.) You like your toys, and you should buy your batteries wholesale. (Yes, I will do that...) Friendship is important. You have sex with friends. (What are friends for?) (Hmm... I disagree with this... but I can try...) And when a relationship ends, you invariably say, "I hope we can still be friends." (Get real.) You use binary code to talk dirty. (Yup. What can I say? I'm a freak...)

Mantra for 2009

I'm making my good luck work for me!

Mercury retrograde in 2009

These are poor times to buy cars, trucks, bikes, computers, printers and phones. (So long, new laptop. Adios, new cell phone. Sayonara, GPS...) Expect delays, lost items and confused communications! (Noooooooo...) Best to finish things, not begin them. (Ok! Although this will be hard.)

Lucky days for Aquarius in 2009

The days below are perfect times to go after what you want, whether it's a date, a major financial decision, or a job. Make note of these dates and use them to your advantage. These are the days when the gods are with you. (What are they? WHAT ARE THEY!!?? They're not listed -- does anyone know what they are...?)

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Personal bonsai tree

I've made another beautiful discovery!

Experimental gameplay hosts a bunch of really cool games (this is actually where I found the original Tower of Goo before World of Goo came to be.) I was poking around today for fun, when I came across this gloriously artistic toy. Basically, you grow a bonsai tree, clipping branches and changing paint color to force your tree to your specifications.

If you can't get past the crickets and annoying "peaceful" music, just turn off your speaker and create a vision of loveliness of your own.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Wii Fit post #5

My Wii Fit age as of last night... 27! Excellent. And you know what else is excellent? Receiving a score of 99 points doing the Sun Salute yoga pose! My balance line was amazing... beautiful... right along the line. And this is really something, considering in that pose, one's head is by their toes after leaning back, and then you must bring your torso up again. I completely forgot about the yellow circle. I've impressed myself! *happy sigh*

I also unlocked the 6 minute hula hooping. Yowza. I'll try that one later.

In addition, I spent a good portion of time last night "snowboarding." I've worked my way through Canada, winning each Dare and Respect challenge. I'm now in Chile.

There were few accidents on the screen for me this time, but as I stepped down from the balance board, I got this awful feeling in my left knee. It really hurt! So I slept with a pillow between my knees and it seems to be back in alignment, and I can bend it without hurting now. Phew! Back on the board. Wheeeeee...

Our climate

And I've also decided to try to make the effort to recycle more. I watched An Inconvenient Truth the other day, and if there is indeed a chance of solving the climate crisis, I will be a part of it.

For me, the most shocking visual in the movie was some ships stranded where the Aral Sea used to be. Those ships were just so inconsequential, sitting there scattered in the sand. It's a desert there, now! I did some more research, and apparently there is a program to recreate that body of water. That's great, but I'm sure that picture won't be leaving my head for quite a while...

Happy New Year!

The year 2009 has arrived. Time to show the world what I can do!

One of the most convenient things about being Jewish is having two new year occasions to drop bad habits and take on new challenges -- Rosh Hashanah and the January new year. This year is no different with the desire for weight loss, but there is a twist now.

I've made a deal with a couple of friends... 52 pounds in 52 weeks for better sex. It's doable. Good luck to each of us!