Friday, May 22, 2009

Breaking up is hard to do

So tomorrow I have to break up with my gym. It won't be easy, but it has to be done. I just can’t afford both that and dancing. And since I actually enjoy salsa, I’ve decided to stick with that.

Speaking of dancing, I was so disappointed with myself last night at class. From the first one-two-three-count I was messing up. First, I broke lightly when I should have broken hard. Then after I fixed that, I embarrassingly slipped three times on the same foot. Halfway through, I totally booby-bumped some poor guy with my left one while doing a cross-body lead. He was gentlemanly and didn’t snicker (at least, out loud), but by then I had lost my sense of humor anyway.

And then for the life of me I was unable to learn a combination involving half turns and constant holding of my partner’s hands. (My instructor said I had some kind of mental block against it.) I was so frustrated! My face became bright red and everything. The funny thing was, I could do the whole combo properly with my eyes closed, but when my eyes were open I got nervous and panicky about what was happening behind my back. My hands and feet would go all jumbly and get twisted and I would lose my footing and screw up. Plus, because I couldn’t tell how much space there was between me and my partner, I kept getting nervous that my butt was taking up too much room. I was a mess!

By the time class ended, I was much more than a mess – I was a sweaty, flushed, frustrated mess, happy to climb into my car and zoom away. But I still felt good. I'll be back for more salsa punishment at the club tomorrow night! YAY!


Paula Light said...

I'd never be able to do this!

The Clever Cat said...

:^) Do you mean stopping the fat tax, or taking a dance class? Stick with me... I got lots to teach... ;^)