Saturday, May 16, 2009

Another Friday night

Well, last night the dance looked like a drag, so we didn't cross the threshold. The majority of people looked to be in their fifties, and they seemed to be enjoying themselves, but were too old for us to date. Plus, the organizer looked kind of desperate and we did not find that attractive... so we left and took back roads through nice-looking Tewksbury to not-nearly-as-nice-looking Lowell.

We went to the Lowell Brewery, which features a few bars, billiards (free on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesdays!), a weekly free poker tournament (Wednesdays), a mechanical bull (free Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. No one even approached it), various video game machines (including those basketball free throw games. For some reason I like those), wi-fi, a dj, a dance floor, and occasional live entertainment (Busta Rhymes on 6/18/09) in a somewhat club-like, decent-sized, multi-leveled setting. They call it an "entertainment complex." Plus, some cute guys, even though most of them were far too young for us. We did get a few eyes, so that was validating.

We looked around and drank and ate chicken wings and sat on comfy sofas on a raised platform and giggled at a few hoochie mamas. She watched the Sox game while I engaged in one of my favorite pastimes, people-watching. It was fun!

Salsa tonight, and I got the name of the place. Hopefully someone will ask me to dance.

And guess who emailed me again! Yup. The guy from speed dating. Aaand, my friend got him mixed up with the guy after him, so it was an accident that she clicked him in the first place. So goody for me!

And as if all that were not enough, so far I have 5 yesses for tomorrow night (that includes me) and 3 adult maybes plus a baby maybe. This weekend is shaping up to be very fun. And I was worried that I would have nothing to do. See how wrong you can be?

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