Monday, January 25, 2016

Don't believe me? Just watch.

So. After a very long time and a bunch of pounds lost on the PP program (Simply Filling) and a few lost on the SP program (61 in total, then 20-something gained back due to Life Stuff including thyroid and other meds issues as well as falling off the treadmill and injuring myself - nice, huh?) I've thought a great deal about it and have decided to quit Weight Watchers for a while. I need to get my head back in the game, and they are not helping.

Reasons being:

  • Doing us a disservice by using a points-based system, not a nutritionally-based system
  • Constantly pushing their (not-so-great) foods (my leader does not push, but the site and their emails do)
  • Having terribly frustrating, not fully-functional website and apps
  • Focusing on the holistic crap at the meetings (ffs, I am here to lose weight. I can meditate on my own, yes?)
  • There are other reasons, but these are the ones that roll off my fingers. 

I tried tracking (yes it works, but it doesn't need to be done through WW) and journaling/blogging for a few weeks (on the website, which was slow) and can't seem to get back into it. I'm still signed up for another month at least so damned if I'm going to let that go by the wayside, though.

Anyway, I suspect I might be more prone to stick to a long-term health plan if I can think about it myself... I may try a different way of tracking that actually tells me real nutritional amounts (grams) of what I'm eating. The WW site will tell you calories, but that's only one snapshot, and frankly, for those of us who are interested in real data, it's useless.

Also, I miss this blog. That's right. I'm back, baby! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! :D

No idea on whether I will be posting food-related updates or journaling weight-loss whatnot or just sharing some shit now and then, but I might. Thoughts?