Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A phone date

So last night I rang that guy and we had a decent 45-minute conversation, full of interesting info bits and double entendres. I am sure he is talking to a bunch of other women, but no biggie.

I think I was Girl Convo #2 of his night, since when I first called at around 7:45 PM I had to leave a voicemail. He called me back a few minutes later, and then about 40 minutes after that, it sounded to me as if his call waiting was ringing. For a second I thought he had hung up, but he was still there. Another five minutes and one more call waiting pause, and he ended the convo. (I got the feeling that was Girl #3, and that he would call her back after he finished with me.) We have a phone date for some point later this week, but I didn’t ask who would call who, or when. I assume he will call me on Thursday. Depending on if and when that happens, I may or may not be there, since I will be shaking my tail at salsa class later that night. And if he doesn’t call, that’s his loss.

Anyway, his manners are excellent, his sense of humor is both juicy and spicy, and he seems bouncy and fun, but I am treading very carefully with this one. What if he turns out to be another nutcase? I won't waste my time wondering -- there’s just no need to worry about that yet. And besides, I refuse to live my life in fear of loonies. Reader, raise your cup! To sanity!!!

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