Thursday, August 4, 2011

Medicinal banana

I hate bananas. But I love the idea of a naturally creamy nutrient-packed fruit arriving in its own package that also takes care of flip-flop tummies and the result of said tummies. The flavor is what I can’t get past. Yuck! Bananas.

Anyway, I ate it this morning for its restorative powers. And it helped! Which is great. But inspecting the banana led me to ponder. What are those strings inside the peel? And why is there sometimes a “Y” at the end of the fruit?

I can remember my gramma telling me when I was little that the Y meant I would have good luck. But we never talked about the banana strings. So I looked it up. It turns out that the strings are phloem bundles, which carry nutrients and sugars wherever they need to go. Imagine the banana peel like the bark of a tree. Same thing.

So. I have decided that we should engineer a new fruit. It will look and feel like a banana, be nutrient-filled with the ability to grow in all regions and even in the home.  Even the shape is fine.  But the taste -- the taste will be of chocolate pudding.

Scientists, how about it?