Friday, February 10, 2012

Sound bytes

From my b-day trip to Florida two weeks ago.

From five-year-old Neph:
  • On my visit in general: (Excitedly) “Will Auntie CC bring her cats?” 
  • On playing Dominion after throwing cards out to me like a blackjack dealer: “All right. Can you read?”
  • On his rock collection: “That’s not playing, that’s LOOKING.”
From eight-going-on-twenty-two-year-old Niecey:
  • On the Wii game Cooked or be Cooked: “You have to swirl the oil around the pan, like this.  See?  Watch me!”  (Twists her wrist back and forth like she’s dancing while tripping on acid)
  • On drumming: “That’s the cool thing about a drum set.  You can rock out whenever you want!”
From Niecey and Neph, separately:
  • But you played more with [the other kid] than with me!  (And Readers, to this let me say, FALSE!  I played most with my sister.  *smile*)
From bro-in-law:
  • On choosing a dating site username for me: “How about something biblical-type, like LawOfKindness?”  “Hmm.  How about LawOfCookies?” 
From sister:
  • “Hey, have you ever been to Vegas?”   
  • “I get enough potty talk from my kids.  I don’t need to hear it from my sister…”  

Birthday girl

So it was my birthday yesterday. That means I'm older! Wtf! When I actually feel like I'm getting younger. (I regressed yesterday a little and without meaning to, called my parents Mommy and Daddy. And even as if slipped from my lips again and again, I couldn’t stop myself from speaking the last syllable.)

I had a great day topped off by yummy Mexican food at Plaza Azteca on the border of Methuen and Salem, NH. For dessert, chocolate cake with raspberry frosting was surprisingly tasty.

In addition to the ticket to La Casa de Clipboard (financed by my parents and sister… the round-trip ticket was only $146, unheard of!), I received the coolest watch EVER in the art deco style from the Metropolitan Museum of Art store, similar to a leaded multi-paned window I fell in like with that morning. I guess they know me pretty well! I love watches, I love art deco, I love black. Perfect gift!!!

Leftover birthday for breakfast on Saturday morning sounds like a pretty nice way to wake up. Happy Friday!

Go 1 Dollar

I went to the Lawrence dollar store last night and this is what I picked up:
  • A big bottle of Up-and-Up (Target brand) Aveeno-type body wash
  • A pretty little white crocheted rayon capelet with the $18 tag still on it (from Fashion Bug.  I know my labels and btw it is right down the street.)
  • Two pretty faceted glittery beaded bracelets, one flesh tone and the other pinkish. 
  • Two more sets of leg warmers, for wearing sock-style while sleeping to ameliorate the cold toes situation.  One electric-blue-and-light-blue-and-white striped in case Butchie wants to wear one around his neck, and the other purple-and-lavender-and-white striped.
  • Two bars of Toblerone.  That lovely, silky, wonderful chocolate with the sinfully delicious bits of nougat stuck in!  (They were eaten almost immediately.  Ha. “They were eaten.”  What I really mean is, “I ate them almost immediately.”  And they were a-w-e-s-o-m-e!!!)
  • Two bars of that translucent green Pears soap that is so wonderful.  For my face!  I prefer the green bar to the orangey tone one. The orangey one seems to have changed and it is way drying now.  *sad face*
  • One bar of that pomegranate Yardley soap that is so wonderful (they didn’t have the pomegranate rose with the exfoliating bits in, too bad)
  • One thing of achiote seeds (with a star K on it!)
  • One thing of ground achiote (with a star K on it!)
  • A cute black and white newspaper-want-ads-style carrying bag for groceries or leaving in the car in case of something.  It’s my second, in case I have a lot of groceries.  I like my shopping bags to match.
  • Another pair of thick insulated stripey socks
  • A really cute pair of knitted-looking house sockies with a little knitted flower buttoned on the side
  • A pair of undies
  • A bottle of air freshener, citrusy scent of course
  • Two beautiful small skeins of peachy slash orange and white furry specialty yarn
  • A container of specialty mint tea from Israel (with pomegranate!)

I love that crazy dollar store! It’s called Go 1 Dollar and located on Route 114 in the same shopping center as the RMV, and it’s nothing like Dollar Tree. Although Dollar Tree is great and you can find what you need, this store’s stock really does change and you never know what you might find. Plus it is full of name brand stuff.

Although the shoppers there seem to have no sense of space boundaries. I wonder about that. I mean, step back! Guy, there is no reason you need to be in the sanitary supplies section anyway.

So if you feel the need to shop and want to giggle, and you only have 15 bucks, I recommend this place. They also have typical dollar store stuff, so if you need cleaning products or stickers for the kids, definitely check it out. And bring a friend... it makes it ever so much more fun.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Hub of the Day!

Hey what!  My rice and beans recipe made Hub of the Day!

Click here to vote for my recipe as a HubNugget.  Once you get there, click on VOTE and do it for me, theclevercat!  (I will get a special accolade.)  Thanks, readers!

UPDATE 2/8/12: I got the special accolade!  Thanks again!!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Dating tips from my niece

I'm anonymously famous!  (Still without a love life, but working on it.  Ahem.)

Online Dating Tips from an Eight-Year-Old.  (That's my niece!)