Sunday, May 17, 2009

Another Sunday night

What a nice Sunday. I think my salsa happiness is trickling to other aspects of my life!

My hair looked amazing from the moment I rolled out of bed early, and it lasted throughout the day. A guy made eyes at me in the parking lot of my supermarket. The get-together was a success -- nine people (including myself) enjoyed gastronomical delights of the Caribbean persuasion. There were no awkward moments. The rice and beans came out like a dream.

Also, the cool guy called me 10 minutes before people were due to show up, so we had a short 8-minute convo -- only twice the length of our first meeting, and besides, I was multi-tasking. He asks really good questions, and although I answered them thoughtfully and fun-fully, I may have neglected to ask him enough questions about himself because I had so much going on at the moment. I am eager to learn more about him and we have a phone date early in the week. I'll call him. Meanwhile, talk about speed dating! A regular conversation will probably feel like a year...

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