Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Mighty Morphing Power Starbursts

New candy taste sensation!

Starbursts has come out with “morphing” candies – cherry morphs into cherry-lime and orange morphs into orange-strawberry. Worth a try, yes?

Unwrap a candy… it looks like a regular Starburst except for tiny little flavor-changing beads studded through. Chew enough and eventually you find one of the flavor bbs and bite down on it. It will pop and out comes a teensy bit of flavor.

I like the idea, but in half of the pack there were nowhere near enough bbs. Also, throw another flavor in there. 2 flavors in a whole pack is just not sufficient. How about lemon to lemon-cherry?

In a nutshell: these are interesting, but I prefer California fruits. And even better than California fruits are GummiBursts. Sorry, Starburst! I won’t be buying these again.