Friday, May 29, 2009

End of week reflections and happenings

Friday stuff.
  • My mortgage rate went down again! This month it’s 4.163%. That means I might be able to buy myself a pizza this month! It’s funny ‘cause it’s true…
  • Diet Coke is still the #1 pick-me-up. I could have easily fallen asleep this afternoon without it.
  • I’ve begun to save up for a new laptop. Maybe by the holidays it will happen. I also need a digital camera. Need! I would like an iPod Touch, but I really can’t justify that in addition to a laptop. The real reason I want the iPod Touch is I can go online whenever, but can throw it in my handbag since it is a handheld. It’s not like I’m going to be doing any serious writing on such a weenie device. Although it does have a voice recorder built in, which I would find very useful. You know, “note to self”? Maybe just maybe, if I can find a 32GB for $250 I might buy it. But that will never happen, so it’s really not even an issue. If I want to be able to go online at, say, Panera or something, I figure could just do something cool to an existing laptop bag to make it hip enough to wear around, and pull out the laptop and then continue to be all cool about it.
  • I think I’ll watch a movie tonight, with the lights off and the window open and a blanket on me. Also, one cat or maybe two if they decide to be sweet.
  • I have decided to conspicuously not wonder about that guy. If he calls me, he calls me. If he doesn’t call me, life goes on.
  • I’m at the point in my month when I could really use a nice steak. With french fries, extra crispy with sea salt and cracked pepper. Maybe some fresh parsley sprinkled over, or a little rosemary. And sautéed spinach with caramelized onion and a teensy bit of fresh garlic. And a Bloody Mary. So to speak. Also, a triple chocolate brownie for dessert.
  • Nertz reminded me of Nerds, which got me thinking about other Willy Wonka candy, which led to Gobstoppers, which I now want.
  • In summation, I am feeling unsatisfied. I need another Shopgirl!

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Paula Light said...

I could go for a nice filet mignon. And the spinach thingie you describe. Nomnom.