Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Daily affirmations

Ok. I am rather pissed right now, and I fear I will have an attitude for the rest of the morning, if not the rest of the day. Hopefully, no one will talk to me, and I can work and stew quietly for a while.

Here's the deal. In addition to the horrible realization that my ex will most likely ask the woman he is dating to marry him, eventually (I know this is the case, I can feel it), no one else yessed me from the speed dating. No one. NO ONE!!!

I basically cried myself to sleep last night after I had the realization about my ex's next gf. My sister had told me that he would propose to his next lady, and I had agreed. At the time, I had joked that it would be her problem, not mine... but I have such an awful feeling in my stomach right now. It really sucks to be the teacher and never reap the spoils. And I had an awful sleep, to boot.

But enough about him, and back to my no-click problem. Either I have such a bad personality that there are no men who even want to spend three minutes writing me a quick email to see what I am all about. Or I am incredibly boring. Or I am intimidating. Or my look is intimidating. Or I do not present as intelligent enough. But none of these seem right, especially considering I have been told otherwise. Why is it that so many guys just want to look down my shirt? (This is why I can never wear v-necks.)

Seriously. I am well-educated, reasonably attractive, ask interesting questions, and can keep a conversation going. I can dance, sing, write, paint, and budget. I am kind to animals, gentle with people who need it, and firm with the rest. I'm supportive, intelligent, quick-witted, and have good hair. I can cook. I don't chew with my mouth open. I have excellent manners. I protect my friends. I am many other things, too.

And there is nothing anyone can do right now to make me feel better. I just need to ignore this feeling, and eventually it will go away on its own.

Anyway, another guy from JDate IMd me last night. In addition to being tooo ooold for me to date (his profile said 45, but he was 52 if he was a day) he had a look reminiscent of Mr. Bean. O M freakin' G. HEEEEEEEEEELP!!!!!!!!!!

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