Thursday, May 28, 2009


I just finished Shopgirl, by Steve Martin. I loved it!

Although snack-book-sized, this one packs an emotional wallop. I found it funny, sad, real, disarming, and also beautifully, sparely written, which appeals to me. It wasn't so very long ago that I was clueless about love, and although I have never worked a glove counter, or had glowing-from-within, eye-catching patches of milky white skin, or dated a millionaire 12 years my senior, I identified with Mirabelle like crazy.

It was her particulars that started it for me; that and the Serzone situation. I have many particulars of my own, and between those, understanding her financial situation, and my desire for her to succeed in more ways than one, this was a very satisfying read. As for the incidentals along the way between secondary characters, if I had to classify them I would do so as intelligent slapstick.

If you have not read this one yet, please do. Maybe I'll even see the movie, as long as it's thoughtfully done. (I wouldn't want to sully my memory of the book with overacting or a poorly followed plot line.) All in all, I am very proud of Mr. Steve Martin. He's super talented, always has been. Thirty years later, he's not a wild and crazy guy... now he can just be his smart self.

One more thing -- for whatever reason, this book reminds me to try to cultivate more patience. Thank you, Steve Martin! Keep 'em coming!


Paula Light said...

TOTALLY adored this book! (And the movie wasn't bad.) Love everything Steve Martin writes. Loved his recent autobio Born Standing Up -- about his stand-up comedy years only. You should read. :)

Alexis Clipboard said...

And he plays a mean banjo, too.

The Clever Cat said...

I kind of like his banjo playing! He is a man of many talents.