Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Proper rice and beans

Here is the recipe for my grandma's rice and beans, updated by yours truly!

Puerto Rican Arroz con Gandules

The only type of beans and olives I use are Goya.  For tomato sauce, I use Hunt's; my preferred brand of rice is Carolina.  Just in case you were wondering.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wii off!

Also known as Dance Off, Tennis Arms, Soccer Head, or Hula Off.  I'm actually leaning toward Hula Off.  One thing I will never call it is exercise!!!  If you're curious, do read on.

Oh, you're still here?  Cool.  *smile*  Ok.  So I came up with the bright idea of putting together a little contest for me and Niecey.  I have just got to get moving, and if I have a little girl urging me along, I figured it would be more fun.  We'll each do something either daily or several times a week, and tally it up, and then when I visit we can do some in person.  Maybe even make each other prizes!  The activities can be anything, but I figured we could start with indoor Wii stuff first.

For example, DDR/ITG or Just Dance; how high a score can we get with the tennis game, soccer head thingy, or hulahooping; boxing; or even (un-Wii) skipping around with that thing that fits around your ankle and you have to keep running around to get it swinging!  (I forget the name.)  Anyway, I started tonight.

I'm putting together a matrix and will share more soon.  Hooray!  Wii to the rescue!  (And it's good thing too, because my fancy schmancy metal dance pad was covered in dust.  Poor Cobalt Flux!  Don't worry.  Me love you long time!)

CC's list of therapies

Liquid therapy 1, 6:45 AM.  Check!  Light therapy, 8 AM. Check! Chocolate therapy, 2:30 PM.  Check!  Dance therapy, 5:30 PM.  Check!  Creative writing therapy, 6:15 PM. Check! Game therapy, 6:30 - 7:30 PM.  About to be done.  Liquid therapy 2, 9 PM?  I patiently await you, liquid therapy 2...

I also worked a full day, will bake cookies, and do a laundry.  This year will be full of fun things and I will take good care of myself.  Anyone who treats me poorly will get dumped.  Fair warning!

Liquid therapy 1 = Hot shower
Light therapy = My new Lightphoria LED light to reset my Circadian rhythm
Chocolate therapy = Candy
Dance therapy = Dance Dance Revolution
Creative writing therapy = Blogging
Games therapy = Games!  Any kind will do.
Liquid therapy 2 = Wine or something mixed