Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Sleep study

Well... .6 this week, but in total I've lost 12.8 pounds in five weeks. I think that's a pretty good record.

Tonight I pick up a sleep machine to determine if I have a serious case of apnea or just a mild one. Doc says it sounds serious. Bf keeps "saving my life" in the night, and I have a wicked case of dry mouth. We shall see...

Oh! Also, this is the 600th post. Wow!

Monday, September 22, 2014

A smaller appetite, a smaller waistline

And smaller boobs! Already. :( (I'm happy about the other smaller things, just not that... not yet.)

But it's not all bad... my bras are fitting better, and now it turns out some of them do nothing at all! They're not exactly free-floating in the cups, but were all stretched out and I didn't notice because of superfluous flesh. Adios, bras! Bf was amazed and dismayed:

"You'll be down to a C in no time!"
"Don't worry babe... I still have to work my way down to a double D."
*sigh of relief*

And Sunday morning, when I pulled on my favorite long-sleeved gray tee and raggedy black jeans, the jeans had room in the crotch and thighs and the t-shirt actually bagged! (When before it skimmed.)

"I'm ready! Let's go!"
"Omg. I've never seen you look so homeless before." (He is used to seeing me in dresses and glammed up. I like to glam up!)
*sigh* "I'll change the top..."

So all in all, my body is changing, and my skin is improving, and it's all pretty good. (Did you know, skin regenerates every 35 days?) Bf can hold me closer, I can snuggle right in there, and I don't have to eat and prepare as much food. On the other hand, my eye makeup consumption seems to have increased. Lol! Hey, I gotta be heavy-handed somewhere, right...? ;)

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

My new mantra



In the past, I never wanted to think of myself or accept that I was “on a diet”, which caused me to always tell myself I was on “a new way of eating”. This time if it came up, I simply came right out and said I was dieting, and that’s actually been a lot easier than I thought it would. I have the support of friends and loved ones, and although it’s gonna be a long-ass journey (hopefully turning into a short-ass journey, haha) I think this one will be ok… as long as I make it fun.

What’s more, this is a good thing to remember in all life, not just in dieting. So here goes… when we meet along the way, let’s give each other a great big hug! Ok? See you then!

Simple Start satisfactions

Two weeks ago I started Weight Watchers (Simple Start), because I really need to lose poundage, and it had finally gotten to that point. This time feels different though, because I actually LIKE the way I look, and finally understand my body and what looks good on it. So I figure, I will still like my face and form having lost some weight also. (If I go from fat-pretty into ugly-skinny I will be pissed, though. Just saying. Ahem.)

But this post isn’t about reasons for losing, it’s about what feels good after having been dieting for two weeks! Nine pounds of lumpy butter (that’s Twinkie, teehee) gone! YAAAY!

So here’s what I love, or what has relieved or pleased me about this diet:
  • Not being dependent on processed sugar (i.e. candy) to feel good. In my heart of hearts I know I will always like candy, but it’s freeing to not constantly be craving sweets. I found myself even reducing my use of Splenda and other fake sweeteners.
  • Bras fitting better. My ten pounds of sugar in a five-pound bag has already been reduced to about six pounds in that bag. Hahaha!
  • No huffing and puffing when rubbing my tootsies for an extended period of time. I love foot rubs, and it’s a lot easier when you can reach them without throwing yourself off balance. 
  • Much-improved sleep. Less walrus-like snoring!
  • GREATLY-improved wakeability! Not late to work once while on the diet! 
I'm sure more satisfactions will show up after time, and when that happens I will post again! See you then!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

LinkedIn, you nostalgic asshole


How about that moment when you accept a cool new connection on LinkedIn and it immediately suggests numerous more possibilities based on email addresses… 11 of which are ex-boyfriends or men you’ve dated, whom you no longer wish to be reminded of.

Thanks but no thanks, LinkedIn, for making me relive these unwanted memories of gibbering fools! You are such an asshole. There's a reason why I relegated them to "Z" status...

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Adventures in sewing

I've gotten the sewing bug again! (And what's more, the urge to give.)

So I decided to whip up a sleep/relaxation mask and matching heating/cooling pad for someone who deserves a little giftie, as a sweet surprise for them. I was going to attach a note to the pad stating, "I'll make you feel better!" Cute, yes? (I know. :) )

I bought some very soft material, cut a decent pattern, and started sewing, but not before I mixed up a cup of jasmine rice with dried peppermint leaves and a couple of drops of peppermint essential oil. It smelled divine to me! Unfortunately, it also smelled divine to the cats, because Butchie muscled his way over as I was sewing and attempted to stick his nose into the project! Too dangerisk! I had to lock him in the bathroom.

I was using a complicated stitch in contrasting thread (red on black) and had already practiced using the crissy-crossy shears (I forget what they are called) for a pretty edge. I told myself to leave plenty of room for the rice mixture. I left just barely enough... and then I realized I didn't have a funnel. Crap.

I fashioned one from paper, then another longer one and managed to get the rice in. YAY! Then I started sewing again... but I hadn't matched up the stitch as well as I thought. No biggie. I'll just go around again. It'll look cool.

So I thought things were going as well as planned considering I didn't have a plan at all until I broke the needle on a piece of wayward rice... with half an inch to go to complete the mask. Know what? That's enough sewing adventures for tonight.

It's ok -- this was just a practice run, right? Good thing I have plenty of fabric...