Sunday, May 17, 2009

Another Saturday night

Fun! Fun! Fun!

As I told a friend, ideally, the guy I end up with would enjoy salsa dancing. I just like it that much!

Tonight I learned left turns and was able to pick up a left turn into a right turn, which is one of the things that makes salsa look so complicated. I really need to work on loosening my hips and arms, though.

Anyway, in the class I am taking, they teach to dance "on the clave", which is to say break on the second beat of eight, not the first. When I tried salsa for the first time 6 weeks ago, the guy I was with taught me to break on the first. But the more I hear the clave, the more it makes sense. It's like a treasure in the music that you have to constantly keep track of.

My instructor asked me what I thought about two vs. one and I explained that I originally (originally. Like it was so long ago! ha) learned on the first, but that you can feel the clave better. He was thrilled that I am enjoying myself so very much. But now, I need music, which he will email me. Hooray! The Hacha y Machete dance company rocks!

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