Saturday, February 22, 2014

Adventures in sewing

I've gotten the sewing bug again! (And what's more, the urge to give.)

So I decided to whip up a sleep/relaxation mask and matching heating/cooling pad for someone who deserves a little giftie, as a sweet surprise for them. I was going to attach a note to the pad stating, "I'll make you feel better!" Cute, yes? (I know. :) )

I bought some very soft material, cut a decent pattern, and started sewing, but not before I mixed up a cup of jasmine rice with dried peppermint leaves and a couple of drops of peppermint essential oil. It smelled divine to me! Unfortunately, it also smelled divine to the cats, because Butchie muscled his way over as I was sewing and attempted to stick his nose into the project! Too dangerisk! I had to lock him in the bathroom.

I was using a complicated stitch in contrasting thread (red on black) and had already practiced using the crissy-crossy shears (I forget what they are called) for a pretty edge. I told myself to leave plenty of room for the rice mixture. I left just barely enough... and then I realized I didn't have a funnel. Crap.

I fashioned one from paper, then another longer one and managed to get the rice in. YAY! Then I started sewing again... but I hadn't matched up the stitch as well as I thought. No biggie. I'll just go around again. It'll look cool.

So I thought things were going as well as planned considering I didn't have a plan at all until I broke the needle on a piece of wayward rice... with half an inch to go to complete the mask. Know what? That's enough sewing adventures for tonight.

It's ok -- this was just a practice run, right? Good thing I have plenty of fabric...