Monday, June 8, 2009

Timing is everything.

Well, maybe not everything, but it sure counts for a lot, especially when it comes to feelings and attraction. When I returned from cha-cha class tonight, there was a cute message from him, which I listened to twice (schoolgirl-style.) I was expecting him back tomorrow so I was pleasantly surprised to hear from him today.

I called him back, he wasn't there, and then he called me back and we talked for about 36 minutes. I jabbered a little, unfortunately. And then he asked me out. This is the exchange:

Him: We should do something this week. My week is completely open.
Me: Ok. (I guess I sounded funny because then there was a pause.)
Him: Are you sure?
Me: Yeah, why, did I sound weird or something? (jokingly)
Him: (Cracking joke) You I must have sounded like that because you are overjoyed just talking to me.
Me: (Laughs) That is one of the reasons I like you... (meaning his sense of humor)
Him: (Laughs) Wednesday?
Me: Well, I have tentative plans with someone. But I have to confirm them.
Him: Thursday?
Me: Salsa.
Him: Aw, I knew that. Salsa night. (pause) Friday?
Me: (takes breath) I also have something planned that day too, but I could try to reschedule that. (Another weird pause. I think he thought I didn't want to go out.) But... (quickly finishes sentence) I really do want to go out with you since I think we'll have a good time!
Him: Yeah! (ANOTHER weird pause!)
Me: (hesitantly) Well, what about Saturday?
Him: Ok. (sounds weird)
Me: Are you sure?
Him: Yeah, why?
Me: Well, it didn't sounded like an option before.
Him: No, Saturday's good.
Me: Uh, ok.
Him: So, let's talk this week.
Me: Ok...
Him: Bye.
Me: Bye. (aaand we both hang up, and I am dissatisfied and also stressed like someone who has never made a date with someone before.)

For some reason I didn't suggest tomorrow, which is the only day available this week. And I did tell him I had to confirm my other appointments and why oh why were there all these weird pauses? And why oh why do I continue to second-guess myself? Argh! Should I email him and see if he's available tomorrow? But I don't know what to wear if we were to do it tomorrow, and I feel much more dateable with a wax job (which is scheduled for Saturday morning) and he doesn't have a plan anyway yet, and oh my gosh. I hope I didn't screw it up...!


The Clever Cat said...

Update! I'm seeing him tomorrow. I called him up and we're going out tomorrow!!! Eep!

Alexis Clipboard said...

Hooray! Just wear sleeves so your hairy-scary pits don't make an accidental appearance!

The Clever Cat said...


I would wear sleeves anyway since it's 56 degrees today, in New England in freakin' JUNE, and besides, the cats seem to like them. Apparently, it's warm and snuggly in there. They especially like them after dance class...