Sunday, June 14, 2009

Scary dream!

I had such a scary dream on Friday night!

In this nightmare I was horizontal, holding on to some iron bars for dear life because I was about to get blown away in some dark and deafening storm or tornado behind me. My feet were up in the air and my hair was obscuring my vision and I was surrounded by wind and utterly alone. And cold. I was too scared to look behind me, but when I looked down there was only swirling dirt and dust. And I was holding on so tight! I thought I might make it through the storm, but it was doubly scary because for a second in the dream my heart stopped.

Also, things were flying toward me (like bikes and heavy stuff, like furniture, and roofs were getting blown off houses too) because of the wind. I ducked those, but part of a cinder block wall was about to tilt over toward me. I know it would not have crushed me because it was too short, but it would have come very close.

Unfortunately, this was not one of those tornadoes in the funny pages with people loofahing themselves in their bathtubs, or cows mooing as they spin through the air.

I forced myself to wake up and I coughed to make sure I was breathing and realized I was on my stomach, alone in the bed (no kitties, even!) I could not go back to sleep and I was nervous to try to sleep last night too.

I thought maybe I had managed to turn in my sleep to somehow face the window, but I was facing the headboard. My dreams are very realistic and often quite terrifying, and occur much too often. Sheesh! What a scary one!

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