Monday, June 29, 2009

All dressed up

On Sunday morning I had another good dream!

This time, I was all dressed up in a black and white and gold glittery tea-length gown, with black and gold strappy, sparkly shoes. My hair was in a fancy twist style and I also looked like I had lost a bunch of weight. I was preparing for some kind of dance recital with a man I danced salsa with on Friday night (tall, high-pitched voice, he seemed ok when we danced briefly) and a bunch of people were in the next room (I felt like my grandparents who are still alive were there too, as well a couple my parents know who I like a lot -- they were also in the Gordon Ramsay dream). My sister wasn't there, but it was ok because she had seen me do something like this before. I dunno where my parents were. But I felt comfortable and safe and like all the people who were around cared about me and loved me and supported me. I felt warm and secure.

The locations also seemed familiar -- my first Massachusetts apartment (but muuuch bigger) and a few hallways. I don't know why I was wearing a long dress, since I like the Latin dances, but maybe we were going to rhumba. Anyway, suddenly we were going to leave, when someone (not me) had the urge for chocolate. To be precise, a Cadbury Flake bar. (Have you ever had one? They are flaky fun.)

There was plenty of time before the recital, so I said we should go get it, and there was some debate, but I said cheerfully, "Let's do it! Let's just go!" and we were going to, when... the phone rang and I woke up. It was Vitamin N and she suggested we go shopping. So we did, and we tried unsuccessfully (albeit somewhat lamely) to find a place that sold Cadbury, since now I have the craving for that candy bar! I wonder where I can find one locally...

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The Clever Cat said...

10,000 Dreams:
To dream that you are dancing, denotes that some unexpected good fortune will come to you.

Hooray! I collect good fortune...