Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Food Taster

A book I read this weekend, by Peter Elbling.

Setting: Italy, during the Renaissance.
Plot: A man who has endured much childhood heartache is ordered to be a food taster for a repugnant duke, who is constantly being plotted against. Ugo, the protagonist, must protect his daughter (who has grown into a hottie) while she becomes attracted to the cook, who wants to do away with the duke.

But it's not one of those "serious" historical novels. This is more lighthearted, but still has plenty of icky, Renaissance-esque moments. I thought the story itself was excellent, but the protagonist referred to his culo (ass) and fallo (penis) a lot, which got old pretty fast, and distracted me. But there was plenty of food and sex, two of my very favorite things. It's a decent vacation book. Have fun!

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