Monday, June 8, 2009

Attenzione! Attenzione!

So today I was thinking, and now I feel semi-callous about how yesterday I posted that I am cooling off about the guy. I’m not losing interest since I still think he is really interesting. But I do think I might need more attention than I thought I needed! Gasp!

And besides, no way would I bother calling a guy I had only one date with, when I am on vacation in another state. Although me being me, I would be unable to stay away from my email and I would totally send him one if I liked him. Hmm. Or maybe not. Although I blogged, I didn’t actually email my friends much (it was, maybe two friends, one email apiece. Wow) during the week I visited my sister in February. And our relationships are established!

So he is doing things the exact way I would do them. Therefore, I should not second-guess. I’m taking a step back. All righty then. I still look forward to chitchatting and vacationing vicariously through someone I barely know. Ha!

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