Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Not so sanitary supplies, continued

Unfortunately, it seems my company is no longer outsourcing for pickup of used sanitary supplies! The excellent foot-operated container has been removed along with the wall sticker above where it used to sit that explains what to put in the box, and what not to put in.

Users are left with the disgusting narrow cheap white plastic wall-hanging ones that only open by hand. You try placing your used stuff inside while avoiding contact with the box, while also attempting not to upchuck after having been way too close to what someone else left. ew! Ew!! EW!!!

In addition, I just can't stand the idea that our custodians are faced with that task. At least with the containers, they were taken away by some worker, at some time (I don't know who, or when, but certainly not anyone I have to smile at on a daily basis).

In conclusion, I am very disappointed. I imagine it's purely to save money (and I am almost positive a woman did not have a hand -- a hand? get it? heh heh -- in this decision) because why on earth would anyone make the choice for this setup? I am not looking forward to using these old-fashioned, unsanitary, nasty-ass boxes. Guess I'll just have to deal...

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