Monday, June 22, 2009

Battle of the beats

Great news! Salsa Man would like to dance with me again, aaand he called me attractive (flattery will get him everywhere). So that's nice. Meetup dancing tonight was pretty good, except that the instructor was not teaching on the clave; rather, white-person style (break on beat one), and without even a walk step! Sheesh. I just did my own thing. He came over to me and the cool woman (who by the way owns a café nearby) and acknowledged that although we are probably learning differently in our classes (yes!), he was teaching this way because it's "easier," presumably for all the white people without rhythm! Double sheesh. Now that I know what the music is supposed to sound like, it's really hard to do it on the other beat. Hmm! I just realized that if I dance with Salsa Man he will probably not dance on the clave! Dang. Oh well...

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