Thursday, June 18, 2009

Geek Love

Ever have one of those days when no one understands you? Yes? Well, imagine having that day, every day.

Years ago, Katherine Dunn wrote a brilliant, beautiful, hilarious heartache of a book about Al and Crystal Lil Binewski and their Carnival Fabulon – that is to say, the “special” offspring they create via drugs and other ingredients few would deliberately ingest. The book chronicles the happenings of the traveling circus and the power struggles within the family, as they grow up and attempt to live lives they enjoy, or can tolerate.

The story winds around itself, dipping into a candy jar here, slogging through the mud there, and coming to rest in a very dark place. It’s incredibly well-written, with amazing character development, and many, many shocks.

I remember I began to read this book when I was in high school, when it was published for the second time, and I only got as far as the middle of Book II. (I probably went off to play Jumpman.) I am so sorry I didn’t finish it then! You like twists? You like excitement? You’ll like this. Look for it at your local library.

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