Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Food discovery!

Yoplait Light Fat Free Strawberry Shortcake yogurt is freakin' delicious! It almost tastes like strawberry shortcake! (Much better than ordinary strawberry yogurt.) 110 calories, studded with chunks of real strawberries, thick and sweet, and pretty satisfying! Yummy!

Other good flavors: Orange Creme, Lemon Cream Pie, Boston Cream Pie, Apricot Mango.

I don't like the Light Thick 'n' Creamy ones, though. They just seem really fake.

But definitely try the ordinary Light ones. The commercials (you know, the ones with the woman who is talking to her friend on the phone about all kinds of baked goods, and her husband is madly pawing through the fridge trying to find these “treats”) actually tell the truth. Enjoy!

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