Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Swing, daddy!

Last night I went to a swing dance lesson, and it was awesome – almost as much fun as salsa. There must have been 20 people there! I still have Zoot Suit Riot running through my head. The instructor brought his (adult) kids along to be helpers so there would be enough men and women to dance together. The most fun I had was with his son who was probably 16 years old, and who of course has probably been dancing since he was a little kid. Excellent leader, cool kid too. Most of the place was couples, but there were a few random singles. I think I was the only person in their thirties, but that’s ok. I heard from someone that people of all ages attend the swing dancing events – from twenties to seventies. The best dancer there was in his seventies, actually. Well, maybe not "best", but he sure was the most comfortable, I guess because he learned when he was young.

Also, I think a woman may have flirted with me. Maybe she didn’t. She was learning to lead (and was an excellent leader! I would dance with her again, with pleasure) and spun me out at the end of a song and everything. It was actually really cool! It turns out she also takes salsa lessons at the same place I do, but she is in an advanced class. Maybe I’ll run into her at the club.

Things are also moving along with the guy. He called when I was dancing and I called back, and we had a 36-minute fun chat. Apparently my laugh just bubbles up and out, and he likes to hear it. I think it must have been the endorphins moving around in my system, because I don’t normally think my laugh is all that adorable… but hey, whatever floats his boat. We have a date planned for "something fun" (it cracks me up that he said we should do something fun, because why would I want to do something un-fun?) but not this weekend because he will be out of town. But he’s on vacation the following week, so we’ll get together at that point. Then he said we should talk again tomorrow! I’m hanging with a friend tonight, but I’ll call him briefly. Aaand she casts her line... here, fishie, fishie, fishie…

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