Thursday, April 2, 2009

Magic Bullet

This is a wondrous kitchen toy.

My favorite neighbor's sons gave her this blender-juicer-squeezer-grater-thingy a few years ago. She used the large blender part once or twice, then threw it all in a box and forgot about it. Well, we started hanging around, and you know how neighbors give stuff to each other? She gave me the Magic Bullet, with all the pieces, 90% of which were never used, and scarcely even touched. I also forgot about it until I was poking around in my kitchen a few days ago.

Look, I looooove my fancy Cuisinart blender. It was a gift, and it can do anything! And it's big enough for large jobs. But! I have been using the Magic Bullet in the mornings because I can pop on a top that fits properly, and bring the cup right to the office with me. Before, I had to actually pour the smoothie into a cup (such work! I bought 80 at BJ's and used like 10 because they are such a pain in the ass to manage), search for a lid (also bought at BJ's, but they are for coffee, so straws don't fit properly), and the cup was just never big enough. Half of it was ice anyway...

But with the Magic Bullet, it's so easy! Throw in a cup of frozen strawberries and some milk, a packet of sweetener, vroom vroom vroom, and I'm done. The "party mug" holds two cups, so I can even make my favorite passionfruit smoothie without having to guess how much will fit in the cup! Why bother with ice? The best part about smoothies is that they feel like junk food, but they are just fruit. I don't add ice cream or anything like that, so they really are healthy. And much more satisfying than say, an orange, an apple, and some grapes.

And they are perfect in the summer. I can nurse one almost all morning in the office, especially the tangy ones like mango, passionfruit, or pineapple. (Viva Caribe!) Sometimes I throw in a No Sugar Added Carnation Instant Breakfast packet (70 cals) with fruit (a cup for anywhere from 65 to 90), and milk (90) and for 250 calories I have tricked myself into thinking I'm eating something bad for me. I love that! And speaking of tricks... try adding a spoonful of sugar-free fat-free instant pudding for an even creamier treat, and hardly any calories!

I love this Magic Bullet, so very much! (and I thought I loved my other magic bullet...)

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