Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Life, in general

Back to reality.

Thursday night, I will put away Passover and go out for Chinois with a friend. I’ve been writing (maybe not 25,000 words worth, but writing nevertheless). I filed my taxes. I’ve been keeping my place organized. I'm going to the gym tomorrow, and I’ve even been sleeping properly. Could it be that I’m finally… gasp!...normal?

Probably not.

But this weekend is packed. I have an astrology meetup with a friend on Friday night, then possibly a jazz club after, where her cousin's cousin will be performing. On Saturday afternoon, perhaps a drive to Maine where good neighbors are having a party at their beach house, then back to New Hampshire to definitely attend a salsa social (SALSA!!!), and then I will be holding a small get-together of my own on Sunday. Just a few people for an un-housewarming -- basically, an open house featuring fruit shots made with my Magic Bullet, various light munchies, and tours of the 1,201 s.f. palace. Monday is Patriot's Day.


I will let you know how it all goes. Sounds like I will have used up all my social reserves by Sunday night. I will really need Monday off at that point...

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