Sunday, April 12, 2009

More seder and Passover thoughts

I had such a great time at our seder, and was kept so busy, I never even peeked inside my favorite, the Santa Cruz Haggadah (a Passover Haggadah and Coloring Book for the Evolving Consciousness).

I just love this kind of stuff. Using this one in tandem with a standard haggadah is fun because of the views it presents. I also like the drawings. And even though it's kid-friendly, it has some really big ideas than always make me think.

Plus, since it was our seder, we were able to finish up the way we do -- with "My Country "Tis of Thee." I am sure some find that wacky, and I suppose they have the right too... the seder the previous night ended with "Hatikvah." But last time I checked, we live in U.S., not Israel...

Matzah meal pancakes tonight for dinner. It's a Settlement recipe, and it's really good. I found it online years ago, and I can't find it again, or I would provide the link. Sorry. The pancakes come out light, like regular pancakes. I whipped up some strawberry cream cheese, too, for on top, like a mousse. My parents came over for dinner and a change of scenery, and we shared. I like having guests! (Even if they're just my parents.) And, they brought over the remainder of the chocolate prune cake (they had each had, like, a sliver apiece.) They asked me to "do something with it," like "bring it to the office or something." Maybe I will... I'm sure I could find someone who could use a slice...

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