Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thursday's doings

Some stuff that happened today.
  • I found this really cool rock that looks like a heart (a human heart, not a romantic one.) One side is broken. It’s my heart of stone! I’ll post a pic soon.
  • I realized that a walnut looks very much like a brain. The wrinkles in the brain and the ridges in both the shell and nut meat look oddly alike.
  • I saw a rainbow. It was huge!
  • I'm calling the condo association tomorrow. I found two black bugs of the same type, in my bedroom! (One last night, one today. Disgusting.)
  • Spa appointment today (zip wax. Ahhhh.)
  • Dinner at a friend's tonight and Guitar Hero! Woo hoo!
  • The cloud moved from Butchie's eye and he is his regular self again.
Also, I somehow allowed my one-year blogging anniversary to pass without announcing it, on tax day. Shame on me!

And that's what's happening with me. What's happening with you?

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