Monday, April 6, 2009

O my Gilles!

My newest crush. I love Gilles! The man is smokin' hot! And he can really dance. Last week, he took my breath away, and he kept the momentum up this week. Now, he is tops on my Dance card, with Melissa right on his heels. Shawn is cute, but she's a far fourth. I still prefer Ty to her, despite his robotic motions. I suppose I've always enjoyed a dry sense of humor much more than perky cuteness. As for Steve-O, time to go-o. Sorry, dude. I'm glad you're not a druggie anymore, and at least you got your spirit back, but 6's just won't cut it. You're taking air time away from Gilles and Melissa!

A quick little plus -- Derek Hough reminded me of Westley in his black outfit and light blond hair, swooping Li'l Kim around the dance floor as if they were hopping over pits in the Fire Swamp. So gentlemanly. Yum!

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