Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My 36 favorite foods

In case anyone is curious.
  • arroz con gandules
  • bacon, crispy
  • bbq chicken pizza with hots
  • beef teriyaki on a stick
  • boneless buffalo wings, very spicy (no blue cheez, pleez)
  • bouillabaisse (with lots of saffron)
  • breads and butter (must include challah)
  • brisket
  • cheeses (must include Jarlsberg, smoked gouda, brie, havarti with dill, and a strong cheddar)
  • cherries (on the stems)
  • cocktail shrimp with spicy sauce
  • cole slaw
  • corn on the cob
  • cucumber and tomato salad
  • french fries, extra crispy
  • gazpacho
  • green beans (baby size, raw or blanched)
  • Kashmiri naan
  • mixed salted nuts
  • olives (black and green)
  • onion kugel
  • pasteles (not the sweet ones)
  • peanut chicken
  • peanut M&Ms
  • pineapple
  • Russell Stover milk chocolate Roman nougats
  • scoopable Italian ice -- at least cherry and lemon flavors (but not rainbow)
  • shumai
  • Sicilian pizza
  • Singapore noodles
  • smoked trout (head, eyes, and all bones removed)
  • smoked turkey rolled up in butter lettuce leaves
  • spring rolls
  • tostones
  • veggie pakora
And finally, a beautiful half chocolate, half white cake with my name on it, and maybe my picture, too.

Sort of all over the place, but what can I say? These are my favorites. This would be the best buffet EVER! Want to come over? All I need to do is win the lottery. And install a vomitorium. (Roman nougats. Get it?)

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