Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Friday night delights

Want to hear about my Friday night?  Sure you do.

I met a friend in Somerville at the Green Tomato for a 7 PM meetup about astrology.  Although I didn't learn much about that topic, I was able to add to my "creep me out" list.  Pet peeve #27: people who surreptitiously take pictures of you without asking.  If you're the group photographer, ok.  If you stand up and make it known that you are taking pictures, holding the camera high, also ok.  But don't sneak out your iPhone, hold it at half mast, and take snapshots of just women.  Ick!  I'm uncomfortable enough with being captured on camera, but this was ridiculous.  When he did it in my direction, I not only turned my head, I also covered my face.  I will not be bullied!
When that was finally over at about 8:30, my friend and I shot the shit at Namaskar, an Indian restaurant within walking distance.  We talked men, work, sex, money, food, folks, fun... you know, the major topics.  I had chicken tikka masala and she had lamb rogan josh, and we shared veggie pakora and aloo naan.  The naan was a little dry and the tikka very creamy. You could cut the chicken with a fork. After, we went for a walk and possibly ice cream down the street at JP Licks.  When we arrived, we were still stuffed, so we decided against ice cream, turned around, and walked in the other direction.

Thankfully, we had quit discussing the meetup people since we ran into one of the cool ones.  One had asked her to hang, but he hadn't shown up, so she left.  15 minutes later and still walking, we run into him, with another guy. We explained that she took off.  They asked if we wanted to hang out.  Um... no thanks, we're walking off dinner now.  They appeared crestfallen.  Oh well.

We continued our walk.  And we walked.  And walked.  And walked!  We walked so much we passed the restaurant where we began the evening, and the next thing we knew, we had walked all the way to Porter Square!  We dished the whole time.  Good thing I was wearing sensible shoes (snakeskin Docs.)

By now, it's around 10:30 PM.  I make a comment that the guy who I salsa'd with lives around Davis.  Have you spoken to him recently? No talking, but he emailed last weekend. We have tentative plans for a salsa night next month. Why don't you call him?  Have a drink tonight, she suggests.  Oh, no, I couldn't.  I'm not dressed properly.  So what?  Casual is good, and you totally look cute.  I just ate.  But your breath is fine.  What if he doesn't reply?  Then you tried.  What if he says no?  Then he loses.  What if he says yes? Then you have fun!  Well, ok then.  I texted him and he immediately called me and my friend and I walk back to Davis and met him around 11:00.  She takes off.  I'm now alone with him on a very busy street, with no idea what to do next.  He tells me he left his wallet at home.  Hmm. Well, you're gonna need money, I told him, so we trekked to his car where we found that his wallet is at his house.  Hmm.  We get his wallet.

Once again, we park a fair distance from the bars.  We stop into a few and rule them out (too loud, too warm, cover charge too high, etc.) and by now my feet are killing me.  I don't complain though, because how exactly would that add to the fun factor?  We finallylocate a bar we agree on.  Amaretto on ice for me, Riesling for him.  I buy the round. We chitchat.  Lite flirtation commences. Second round, an espresso martini for me, bought by him (oh, yum!) Lite flirtation still in play (compliments and one peek down my v-neck) until we leave. I mention I may know someone for him, and throw out some info about her, but he's not biting (for her, or for me, really.) I'm still clueless as to if we are dating or if drinking as friends. I drive him to his car and he leads me to the highway. But before he leaves my car, he gives me a little kiss. So now I am even more confused. What the heck!?

Whatever it is, it's fun. So I'm not stressing too much. Guys are weird…

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