Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hello Birthday Girl

"I'm the best auntie ever!" she said, modestly.

Curious? Of course you are. Niecey's turned six! Her birthday party was this past week. I wasn't able to be there, but I know I would have totally rocked the scrapbooking session and also the "create-a-wand" station as well. Of the heart and flower choices, I would have chosen a flower.

Anyway, I sent a really cool giftie as suggested by Sister -- a play makeup set (complete with Hello Kitty!) It has about a million pieces, including a lip gloss watch, a lip gloss cell phone, a few nail polishes (Niecey's favorite) and a little mirror. (How can a mother buy such a thing for her six-year-old? This is the type of thing aunties were made for! Especially aunties who are hooked on makeup, such as myself.) This kid is turning into a lot of fun.

So, it's a hit! (With both ladies in the fam.) Apparently, Niece also received an awesome present from a friend -- a shoulder bag filled with necessay items for a girl detective! They include a tape measure, rope, special pen and pad, magnifying glass, and more; and of course the cell phone lip gloss and compact will be added to the mix. An investigator never knows who they'll call... or meet!

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