Saturday, April 18, 2009

Live free and die

I could die in New Hampshire and no one would ever find me. I'd die in my car and then the car would be broken into by a bear and the bear would find my rotting carcass and eat what was left. I hate New Hampshire. I HATE IT!!!

I will tell you all about my very enjoyable Friday night, tomorrow. Right now I just need to say this.

Tonight was not the footloose and fancy-free dance party I was hoping for. I completely missed the beginner class at 7:30 because the NH roads are poorly marked and even though I followed the directions, I ended up totally lost. What should have taken me three roads and 40 minutes (I had left plenty of time for the lost factor) instead took seven roads, multiple directions, and nearly two hours (I did ask people, who were very nice. They just happened to be from MA and were going to a party of their own. I should have tagged along.)

By the time I got to the venue, I was exhausted, cold, and debated just turning around and going home. But I prevailed, and arrived halfway into the intermediate class, which was ok. The teacher (all five feet and 90 pounds of her) didn't exactly have a Latin flavor, but she was cheerful and it was fine. I was asked to dance by a bunch of men and only one of them was terrible.

But by 10:00 I was really sweaty, my throat was killing me, and I could only think of one thing -- the dreaded trip home. So shortly after one of the meetup people introduced themselves to me, I took off. I asked for directions, and promptly forgot them after I started driving. Did he say 93? 293? or just 3? I forget. So because I had taken Route 3 here, I picked that one. In my defense, the sign did say "to Boston!" It was right and wrong. I drove forever and thanked God when I hit Massachusetts. The only good thing about all this quality time with my car is that my average mpg went up to 24.0.

Anyway, I finally made it home. I ate some grapes. I have a cat snuggling up. I am sipping a cup of Sleepytime. Now I will lay down and fall asleep and wake up feeling rested and refreshed. Hear that, world? Rested and refreshed!!! Good night...

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