Thursday, April 30, 2009

More thoughts

Continuing today's thoughts on good things.

Quite a few of my friends (during high school, college, and adulthood) have told me separately that my parents are exceptionally cool. And they really are. Although I have recognized that, it's always very nice to hear it from others.

Most recently, me and a friend from junior high (courtesy of Facebook, natch) shared a few somewhat personal emails. She went on to say that it was cool that my mom was cool with my unconventional choices, and that she always remembered my mom as being very laid back. Hang on, Mom! Your coolness factor just jumped another point.

So I figured I'd call. When I told her, she started to laugh... but quickly became serious. "Oh, pussycat," she said, "Maybe if your father and I hadn't been quite so accepting, you would have learned to avoid pain." Huh? Silence for a moment while I digested this puzzling tidbit. "I don't know about that, Mom. I really don't think that's in my nature." Big sigh on her end. Had I said the wrong thing? I was just being honest. It's really not in my nature!

I shouldn’t have worried. "Phew! I'm so glad you said that. I don't think it's in your nature either!" We laughed and laughed, and bonding ensued. Cool. Like mother, like daughter!

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