Saturday, September 13, 2008

$136 smackeroos

I made $136 bucks at the yard sale! Hooray! We hustled and had a blast. (I gave some stuff away to friends, too. We bartered.)

The following items sold:

Black lamp, a few books, cassette tape holder, a few CDs, golden picture frame, picture frames with pics (huge), some pictures without frames, PS2 guitar, set of dishes (service for 7), a pair of shoes, silver brush and mirror set, silverplate platter, small brown bookcase, a bunch of women's clothes and jackets, stereo with speakers, table linens, almost all the vases, some VHS tapes, and the zip-up Day-Minder.

Actually, $136 for just these items was amazing.

I'm surprised at some of the items that didn't: the Lenox, the foils, and the coffee table! And I forgot to put out the cat litter buckets, but I can put some in the dumpster. I have plenty of dumping to do tomorrow as well. I plan to sell the table and chairs, Lenox items, and fencing foils on craigslist.

Ahh... with more stuff gone, I will really to able to figure out what I need in my life. I already know that I don't need a lot of crap, but selling it is even better!

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