Monday, September 1, 2008

Washington Square Art Show & Amazing 66

I trekked into Manhattan with MB's family this weekend to the yearly art show at Washington Square Park, thinking it was going to be as in years past: funky, cool, good art, interesting people and their crafts, basically a good time.

Well, we thought wrong. There was practically no show at all! Hardly any art! Very little photography! The most eye-catching booth sold unusual handmade clocks with all the gears showing, and the most interesting people were me and MB. I was so disappointed at the lack of handiwork.

But we did have a yummy dinner in Chinatown at Amazing 66 on Mott Street. We got chicken chow fun, hot spiced eggplant with meat, chicken with cashews, veggie fried rice, and General Tsao's chicken, which in my opinion was the best dish. It was fried in an amazingly light and crispy coating with a delicious peppery and sweet sauce, had great color, and was not sticky. We got our soups immediately, but had to wait a while for the final bill. In addition, the lighting was pretty bright. But the place was spotless and the prices were reasonable. There were plenty of other really interesting items on the menu, but I didn't bother to ask if anyone would like to try stuff like diced preserved meat fried rice or fish cubes with chili salt and pepper. If I ever go back I'm going to have the crispy orange beef. Yum!

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