Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Wii wii wii, all the way home

I have wanted the Wii for a long time, and hurrah! I've bought one!

A friend found a good deal, I bought the system, and then picked up Guitar Hero III. All for my very own! I just love this game.

For anyone who hasn't played Guitar Hero, in order to advance and unlock songs, you must do well. You earn money and your band plays larger venues and basically rocks out. But step one is to create the band. So I had to figure out a name. First I tried a band name generator. That was amusing, but none of the names thrilled me.

Then I thought an anagram would be fun. I tried my name and some other phrases, and still came up with nothing. They all sounded wussy! So I put in the names of my two cats, Butch and Twinkie. And I came up with a very rock 'n' roll name, for my very rock 'n' roll band: Bitch Wanked Unit. Visual, interesting, and it sounds hard core. Right?

Tonight, I rocked. I beat Tom Morello and Slash in battle. Let me know if you want to be my groupie…

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