Friday, September 12, 2008

Yard sale tomorrow!

At 8:00. AM. On a Saturday. Sigh.

This is the final list of items:

baskets, black and glass sconces, black lamp, blinds hardware, books, boxed Lenox vases, brown lamp, bulletin board paper, cassette tape holder, cat litter plastic buckets – FREE!!!, CD tower, CDs, crutches, dining table and chair set (pad included), fencing foils, fluorescent lights, golden picture frame, green Lenox platter and pitcher, men's motorcycle jacket, paper lanterns, photo mats, picture frames with pics (huge), pictures without frames, PS2 guitar, puzzles (3), reference rack, Rollerblades, round Ethan Allen coffee table, scanner, set of "Thinker" bookends (Barnes & Noble), set of dishes (service for 7), shoes, silk and velvet flowers, silver brush and mirror set, silverplate platter, small brown bookcase, small items like never-worn hair clips and earrings still on their backings, some women's clothes and jackets, stenographer's chair with green vinyl seat, stereo with speakers, table linens, tabletop CD holder, Tap Light 4-pack (not 6), vases, VHS tapes, wallpaper border, and a zip-up Day-Minder.

My dad already bought the Day-Minder for two bucks. My first sale! My living room looks like a rummage sale and I can't wait to get this stuff out of my life.

Wish me luck, it will be a loooong day.

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