Thursday, September 18, 2008

Nectar bars

I have made a food discovery! Nectar bars by Clif!

They come in taste-bud-dazzling flavors like pomegranate cherry and dark chocolate raspberry (the only two I’ve tried so far) and they are amazing! They are also only made with five ingredients in each (such as dates, cashews, cherries, and cocoa), and they are completely organic. The nutritionals are good too: 160 calories, 5 fats, 3 proteins, and 5 fibers. They also manage to squeeze in two servings of fruit.

Pomegranate cherry was mysterious, chewy, luscious, and just sweet enough. Dark chocolate raspberry was even better. It was almost like a rich brownie with bitter chocolate and strong real raspberry flavor. It fairly bursts on your tongue! These are like grown-up candy.

The downside is that they can be difficult to find in any old store, and they are expensive.

But the best part is their tag line. “Simple food. Pure delight.” This epicure says amen to that.

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