Sunday, September 14, 2008

A very productive weekend

After the sale yesterday my friend and I went to a Chinese buffet place where we totally chowed on crab legs, dim sum, and various fried items. She also had sushi and I tried a piece. It was ok, but too chewy for me. When we got the bill, we were amazed to see the lunchtime price instead of the dinner price and burst out laughing. How do they make any money? We tipped our waitress nicely and went on our way.

We went home and got clean since we were gross and then I went over to her place and hung out there and we had a sleepover party! We watched Vacancy and The Ruins and had a great time. Her pets were affectionate and it was nice.

Today, I cleaned the garage! I made four trips to the dumpster and swept it out and everything! It looks really good. Next weekend I will do the basement hall area. Kudos to me!

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