Friday, September 5, 2008

White nectarines

I've never been a nectarine girl. But I bought a white nectarine last week because they were on sale and I figured, so all right. Try new things and all that. I like white peaches better than yellow, so maybe I'll like the white nectarine.

I tried it today and wow! This fruit actually tastes like honey! It's delicious! It's sweet! It's crunchy! It's… it's… firm enough to grill!

Ooh, great idea. The dark grill lines on the pale flesh, the smell of roasting fruit… uh huh. The one thing I didn't like was that the fruit clung to the pip. But I could grill slices of the fruit and serve over ice cream, or bake it into a tarte tatin, or cook it down into a syrup… whoa, baby. That's what I'll do. White nectarine syrup drizzled atop vanilla bean ice cream with toasted almonds sprinkled over.

Yes, something special to cook this weekend. Good luck to me!

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